I have not received confirmation of my top-up

If you have not received your top-up after a reasonable period of time, it is possible that it is due to an error with the information provided when placing the order. 

Please check that the network provider and telephone number indicated are correct.

I indicated the incorrect telephone number

I indicated the incorrect network provider

If you have checked that both the network provider and telephone number are correct, then your top-up may not have arrived for another reason:


Service outage or delay due to the network provider.

Check your inbox to see if you have received an email from us with this explication.

Unfortunately, the network providers' top-up services are not as reliable as we would like: they make sudden changes, modify information in their databases pertaining to top-ups, and perform maintenance on their systems without prior notice.

When any of these situations causes your top-up to be delayed, do not worry, we will take care of it. doctorSIM will follow up with the network to make sure your order is completed as soon as possible. If you prefer not to wait for the issue to be resolved, you can always contact us at anytime to request a full refund.


Order paused awaiting additional information. 

Check your email to see if you have received an email from us requesting additional information.

Occasionally, we ask for additional information to verify that the owner of the card or PayPal account has not been the victim of any type of fraud.

Orders are paused until the information requested has been received, although you can always request a refund if you prefer not to share any additional information.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but believe that asking for this information is extremely important to ensure the total security of your personal data.


Finally, it is possible that you have received the confirmation email but the top-up didn't arrive. In this case, please read the following article for more information:

I have received confirmation but the top-up hasn't arrived