Is it Possible to Unlock a Blacklisted Phone?

Unlocking a phone on doctorSIM means you can use it with any carrier, without any ties.

It's a good reason to optimize your spending by choosing the network carrier that suits you best.

However, you have to remember that if your phone has any outstanding issues with the original carrier, you'll need to resolve it with them for it to be operational once you unlock it.

doctorSIM's unlock doesn't remove phones from the blacklist. Furthermore, this lock might be activated by the original carrier, if it hasn't been already, in case of loss, non-payment, or theft of the phone.

It is an additional security mechanism. It is only removed when the owner or the original holder clears the situation with the phone company. Doing so by any other means is illegal.

You can check if your mobile is blacklisted with doctorSIM's Free IMEI Check.

So, does doctorSIM unlock blacklisted phones?

Yes, but you have to take into account that unlocking a phone does not remove it from the blacklist. If you unlock your phone with us, you'll be able to use with any carrier as long as it is not blacklisted. If it is blacklisted, you'll have to talk to the carrier, pay the outstanding amount, or resolve the loss or theft situation otherwise you won't be able to use the phone with any SIM card.

Once you remove the phone from the blacklist, it will work perfectly and remain unlocked.

doctorSIM is a transparent and secure company, aiming to enhance the user experience in everything related to mobile telephony.

Therefore, we try to keep you updated with all the most relevant news and take care of your phone's health.

Can I use a blacklisted phone abroad?

The blacklist restriction prevents or limits a device from working correctly in its country of origin, but it might not necessarily do so in a different country.

However, we can't guarantee that in the future, this restriction might extend to other areas besides your country of origin.

doctorSIM doesn't remove phones from the blacklist. These can only be removed by carriers and government authorities when the original phone owner corrects the situation that led to include the phone in the blacklist in the first place (loss, non-payment, or theft report).