I received my UnlockMySIM. Now what?

IMPORTANT! It is no longer possible to purchase the UnlockMySIM Card as it may not work at the current time due to an internal update beyond doctorSIM’s control.

Excellent! You're just a few minutes away from having an unlocked iPhone.

To unlock your iPhone using your UMS you'll need:

  • The UMS we've just sent you.
  • Your iPhone.
  • A pin or clip to remove the SIM tray.

And last but not least, the instructions we've sent you via email where you'll find the sequence you must type as well as the ICCID you will need to enter.

Since the ICCID changes frequently, we strongly urge you to apply the unlocking as soon as possible.

As always, if you run into any trouble, get in touch with us via chat or submit a ticket and we'll get right to it.