Unlocking iPhones for use with CDMA networks

IMEI unlocking will enable your phone to be used on any compatible GSM network worldwide.

When IMEI unlocking is not possible, the alternative solution, UnlockMySIM will also unlock your phone.

  • Can I use my UnlockMySIM on a CDMA network?

Yes, except for some specific iPhone models.

If the SIM card you are going to use with the UMS belongs to a CDMA network (Sprint, Verizon, Boost Mobile, etc), the UMS is compatible as long your iPhone is not on the following list:

- A1778 and A1784 (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus).
- A1905 and A1897 (iPhone 8 and 8 Plus).
- A1901 (iPhone X).

(Please click here for a free check to find out the specific model of your iPhone)

  • Can I use the UnlockMySIM on a GSM network with a CDMA phone?

Yes. If you can insert a SIM card in your CDMA phone, it means the device is compatible for GSM networks and you will be able to use the UMS.

  • Is the UMS compatible with all iOS versions?

At the current time, the UMS works properly with iOS 14.3 and 14.4. If you have a previous iOS version, please make sure your iPhone can be updated to any of these two iOS versions.