Why is the top-up I have received less than the amount I paid?

On very rare occasions, the top-up received may vary slightly from the amount displayed when you placed your order through doctorSIM.


This is due to the different exchange rates applied by the banks and that are unfortunately beyond our control.


At doctorSIM you can pay in Euros or US dollars, but if the customer uses a card with a different currency, the bank that issued the card will set the exchange rate of your local currency to Euros or US dollars. As explained above, doctorSIM has no way of knowing the exchange rate set by the bank. The exchange rates applied by the financial institutions are regulated by the country's central bank and in many cases, these commissions can reach exorbitant levels if the customer has not negotiated the terms and conditions previously with their bank. 


On our side, we are working hard to reduce the additional costs which are in our hands as much as possible by improving the agreements we have with external providers and the network carriers. We also recommend to all of our customers that they negotiate the exchange rate applied to transactions in other currencies with their bank.


Our intention is to be 100% transparent with these commissions and that is why we show a breakdown of the associated costs before you make your payment:


Step 1:



Step 2: