Alternative method to place your UnlockMySIM Sticker in your iPhone XS Max or XR

Sometimes placing the UnlockMySIM Sticker might seem a bit complicated.
Rest assured, here we provide you some tricks to make it easier.


Fold the lateral flaps of your UnlockMySIM (as shown in image 1) so that the SIM fits perfectly and help you to hook up these flaps between the UMS and the SIM tray, as shown in the above images.

By clicking here, you can watch the video, we hope you find it useful.


Alternative Method:

If you still can not place it, here is an alternative to the previous method.

You will need:

  • Scissors.
  • A bit of adhesive tape


  1. Cut the small flaps as shown in the above image. Make sure you are cutting the flap opposite to the cut corner of the UMS
  2. Stick your UMS Sticker to your SIM as shown in this video
  3. Once sticked with the adhesive tape, place them together in your SIM tray and follow the configuration steps on


Best regards,

Team doctorSIM.