By mobile phone (all countries)

For some of our services you have the option to pay using your mobile phone. The amount charged will appear on your monthly phone bill or deducted from your current balance if you pre-paid.

Simply select the “By mobile phone” option and type in your phone number. Then follow the instructions that appear on screen to process your unlocking request.

Why is the price for this option different to that of other payment methods?

The cost of a text message varies depending on the country and network provider, which is why you may see a different price for this option.

Is it safe?

Perfectly safe. We will not use your phone number for anything else and you will not receive any additional text messages from us.

Please note that in the unlikely event we need to issue you a refund, it will need to be done using a different payment method (PayPal, bank transfer etc.).

I’ve sent the text message but I didn’t receive an e-mail notification.

You must be able to send Premium SMS, an option available with most network providers.

Contact your network provider for assistance if you don’t receive an e-mail notification after sending us your mobile phone number. You will not be charged for the service if you don’t receive the e-mail notification.

Which services can I pay for using my mobile phone?

Currently, you can use the following services to pay by phone: