How to connect your Android phone to the internet

Unlocking your phone with doctorSIM provides advantages, such as not losing the warranty or receiving support to resolve any doubts.

This time, we'll explain how to configure your Android phone to connect to the internet with any carrier once it's unlocked.

Follow these steps (remember that screens may vary slightly depending on your Android version):

  1. On your phone's home screen, swipe down and tap the gear icon at the top right. You'll access the "Settings" menu.
  2. Now, tap on "Mobile networks" or "SIM cards & mobile networks."

  3. Select "APN" or "Access Point Names."

  4. Tap on "New APN."

  5. On this screen, only fill in the necessary data for your carrier. You can obtain this data directly from your carrier or by consulting this table.



Important: Remember that if you can't select the newly created APN, you must modify the "APN type" field (which will be empty) to default,supl


If despite following these steps you can't resolve the issue, our recommendation is to contact the respective telecommunication company so they can assist you with the necessary configuration on the device and provide you with the parameters needed to configure internet access.