Unlocking refunds

In very rare occasions, when it's not possible to unlock the phone, you can request a refund without any issues by emailing us at info@doctorsim.com and detailing the problem you've encountered. Remember that we need to know your order number to process the refund.

Some of the most common reasons for refund requests are as follows: 

  • Code not available
    In exceptional cases, there may be no code available for the chosen phone, although in these cases it is recommended to try again after at least 15 days, as the result may be positive. Often the manufacturer or carrier has not provided the unlock code. This happens with some brands and models and it may be a one-time occurrence that is resolved after a few days.

  • Incorrect code
    To verify that the code is giving an error, and for security reasons, we need you to send us a video showing how you enter the *#06# code to display the IMEI of your phone and then how you follow the instructions we've sent you. This is an effective way to check and refund your payment in full, in case that model cannot be unlocked.

  • Incorrect code - Samsung Galaxy models 
    To verify that the Samsung Galaxy model code is giving an error, it is necessary to send us a video showing how you enter the *#06# code to display the IMEI of your phone and then how you follow the instructions we've sent you and, as a second alternative, entering the PhoneFreeze code followed again by the first unlock code.

In which cases is the money not refunded?  

The amount paid is refunded in cases where the responsibility is not on the customer.

Refunds will not be issued when the phone has a hardware or software problem, has modified software, attempts have been exhausted, or if the order details are incorrect.

  • Blacklisted IMEI due to loss, theft, or non-payment
    It's possible that, even if your phone is unlocked, you may not be able to continue using it because it's blacklisted due to loss, theft, or non-payment. In these cases, the device with a blocked IMEI cannot connect to any network to make calls despite being correctly unlocked. 
    Before requesting the unlocking of a device of unknown origin, you must check that it is not blacklisted. You can (and should!) check it for free here before requesting your unlock. A correct unlock will not be refunded due to issues related to a blacklisted device. Services related to IMEI modification will also not be provided under any circumstances, as it is illegal for a third party like doctorSIM, or any other entity other than the carrier that imposed the block, to remove this restriction.

  • Attempt counter exhausted
    No refund will be issued if the device cannot be unlocked by IMEI because it has a counter limiting the number of attempts and it is exhausted.

  • Errors in the order
    If the data entered by the customer when placing the order is incorrect, no refund will be issued: IMEI number, serial number, provider, PRD, brand, model, or carrier of the device, and contact email address.  


You can also request cancellation and a refund if you contact us within the first 10 minutes after placing your order. Once that time frame has elapsed, the order is processed and cannot be canceled. You can find more information here.