How to recover the IMEI number of an Android phone with modified software

Occasionally, the Android phone we want to unlock has had its software modified. To greatly increase the chances of a successful unlocking, doctorSIM always recommends using the phone's original software.

In some cases, the IMEI number will not appear when *#06# is typed on the phone's keypad after being restored to factory settings.

To obtain the IMEI number, simply make a copy of part of the phone's software.

Follow the instructions below before doing anything else:

1) Copy the EFS folder of the root directory onto your PC or memory card. Do not cut and paste, it must be a copy. Do not alter or remove it from the root directory. We recommend using an application called "Root Explorer" as it will display that folder.

2) If after pressing *#06# on the phone's keypad the IMEI doesn't appear, recover the EFS folder copied previously overwriting the version without the IMEI number.