My UnlockMySIM card is not working. What do I do?

If you have received your UMS, and it doesn’t work properly, please, run these checks:

  1. Make sure the UMS is inserted in the correct position, and make sure the pins (the dotted side) is in direct contact with the SIM
  2. If you have an iPhone model up to the Xs you can check how to place the UMS here 
  3. If you have an iPhone model later than Xs, you can see how to place the UMS here

Follow again the steps from 


  1. If the UMS still doesn’t work, please follow the same steps on a different locked iPhone, to discard possible technical failures of the device
  2. Make sure to configure the UMS with the FMI (FindMyiPhone) OFF
  3. Check if the error you receive appears below:





When I insert my new SIM the ‘SIM not Supported’ comes up

Option A) Try restarting the device with the UMS inserted. Follow the steps from

Option B) With the UMS inserted, follow the steps until the ‘’Hello/Welcome to your iPhone’’ page comes up. This means you have to restore your iPhone to factory settings, and delete all content. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Make a back-up copy of all the information stored on your device
  2. Go to Settings - General - Reset - Erase All Content and Settings
  3. This process might take a few minutes. After, the Welcome screen will come up, and you have to select the Manual Configuration, not the Quick start configuration.

Done! Now you can follow the steps to configure the UMS:


The ‘No Service’ appears

Make sure your iPhone has no additional security features enabled, such as iCloud, FMI, blacklist. These are additional protections, and can only be removed by the legal owner of the device.


‘Waiting for Activation’ is displayed

If you’re trying to use your iPhone with a CDMA carrier, try activating your CDMA SIM card in an unlocked phone (make sure the LTE configuration is set on Voice & Mobile Data) and make a phone call.

Once done the activation of the SIM card, follow the steps from the beginning:

The UnlockMySIM is not valid if you want to use a SIM card from Sprint, Boost Mobile or any other carrier operating on Sprint’s network.



If you can’t still use your UMS after following all these steps, please contact us using the ‘Online help’ that you can find on the same page, in the bottom right corner.