UnlockMySIM configuration with a Android phone

With certain iOS versions the ''SIM Not Supported'' message is displayed when the UMS is inserted, not allowing to update the ICC automatically. For these cases, we can update the ICC for the UMS with an Android device, this way, when reconfiguring the UMS with the iPhone, the ICC is updated and the UMS can be reconfigured automatically with the steps from here.

 - Eject the SIM tray and insert the UMS (if your phone has dual sim slots, but I placed the UMS in slot 1 and left slot 2 empty)


- Wait for pop-up message saying "ICCID updated" and then click the "Ok" button.



 - Wait for pop-up message asking "Update preferred SIM Card?". Click "yes".


- Open the Settings app and click on "Apps & Notifications".


- Click on the “SIM Toolkit” icon from the top left. This will open App UMS info.


 - On the App Info screen, click "Open".


- Click on “Setting”.


- Delete the ICC and type in the next one (make sure it is 20 digits long) and click "Ok".




- If successful, the screen will go back to the menu (Active iPhone, SIM1, SIM2, Setting, etc). If Setting Failed message appeared, you can try re-entering the ICCID. It's normal normal to have to repeat the operation 2 or 3 attempts.


- Remove the UMS from the Android phone and repeat the setup process described on https://www.doctorsim.com/us-en/ums in the iPhone you want to unlock.