Steps to unlock your iPhone with your doctorSIM UMS - iPhone Xs or a newer model


Here's how to place your UnlockMySIM and activate your iPhone with you SIM card.


Step 1 - If you have an iPhone XS or a newer model please place your SIM together with the UMS as we indicate you in the steps below.


The red lines indicate where you should FOLD your UMS.


You can check the details in this video:


Once your UMS and SIM card are correctly placed in the SIM tray, push carefully, turn on your iPhone and continue with the configuration as indicated in the following steps.


Step 2 - Select "Universal Activation" as you can check in the image that we show you below:


Step 3 - Press Accept. Once done, please wait for a couple of minutes, as the phone shall activate automatically.


Ready! Your iPhone is already configured to use with the SIM with which you have activated with your UnlockMySIM.