Unlock Check (only for iPhone)

The FREE pre-unlock check is required as a first step before unlocking some iPhone models. It’s used to find out which is the recommended method to unlock the device.


With this service you will find out: 

  • if your iPhone can be unlocked by IMEI
  • if it has any restrictions due to loss, theft or non-payment
  • if the iPhone is protected by iCloud username and password.


If this is not an unlocking service, then what is it?

It’s just a pre-unlock check. Performing this check is needed in some cases in order to find out if the iPhone model of the network you have selected can be unlocked.

Once we have the results of the check we’ll send them to your email for FREE and we'll let you know if you can unlock your phone by IMEI.


Why do I need the unlock check?

This service is necessary for networks that, like yours, apply special conditions when it comes to unlocking the devices they sell.

Without this check, you cannot request an unlock, as there is a remote possibility that your iPhone can’t be unlocked at the moment.

And as it is a necessary check: doctorSIM gives it to you for FREE.


What information will I receive?

  • You’ll receive all the information about your iPhone, cross-checked with the official databases in Apple and your network
  • You’ll find out if it is possible to unlock it by IMEI
  • You’ll learn out if you’ll need a username and password to access an iCloud account associated with your iPhone
  • You will check if your device has reports or restrictions due to loss, theft or non-payment
  • You will know if the iPhone is still under warranty


Does doctorSIM provide an unlocking service for my iPhone?

Yes! Once you perform the free check, you can request the IMEI unlocking service, as long as it is possible to unlock your device by IMEI.

Once we’ve completed your check, we will send you an email with all the information about which method is right for you and what are the next steps. Of course, with no strings attached!

Please note that doctorSIM unlocks do not provide iCloud passwords, nor do they remove additional reporting restrictions due to loss, theft or non-payment.
doctorSIM only offers 100% legal and guaranteed services.


How long does it take? 

The check result is practically instantaneous! In less than 60 minutes we’ll email you the complete results at the email address you told us when you requested the check.


Is it legit?

Of course it is. The result of the check is directly consulted in both Apple and your network’s official databases, therefore its validity is 100% guaranteed. 


If you have any further questions, please contact us via chat (by clicking on the green icon at the bottom right) or simply send us an email. We’ll be happy to help you!