Unlock Check

The Unlock Check saves you time and money, and informs if your iPhone meets the financial requirements to be network unlocked.

You get the information of 3 different checks, all in one: network unlock eligibility, Blacklist Check and iCloud status.

Here we solve some of the more frequent doubts and answer some of the most frequent questions:


If this is not an unlock service, then what is it?


This is a necessary check service, previous to the network unlock, it is not a network unlock service.

Your network operator request this check as a necessary previous requirement to be able to network unlock it, and avoiding requesting the network unlock service and not being able to get the refund if the unlock is not successful if the phone does not meet the requirements to be unlocked.

What information is provided? 


This check provides complete information on your iPhone, such as:

  • the iCloud status, if it’s active or not
  • the device has met the financial eligibility date and can therefore be network unlocked
  • the phone has been blacklisted
  • the iPhone still has warranty

We also check the original carrier of the device, in case there was any error with it.


What happens next?


If your device is eligible to be network unlocked, we will send you the link to request the service. Having checked if the iPhone meets the requirements, the network unlock is guaranteed. However, it is important to keep in  mind that doctorSIM does not remove iCloud protection, nor the phone from the blacklist.

In the case in which the phone does not meet the requirements, we will periodically review this information (at no additional cost for you), and as soon as the device is eligible to be network unlocked we will let you know so that you could discount the price of the check from the total cost of the network unlock service.

How much does the unlock cost if the check confirms the iPhone is eligible?


Most of the unlock services cost 19.95€ (15€ with the discount from the check applied). If any service has a different cost, you will be notified before sending you the link to request it.

Do you refund the cost of this check?


If your iPhone meets the requirements to be network unlocked, the cost of this check will be deducted from your network unlock request.

In the case in which the device is not eligible to be network unlocked, we can not refund the cost, but we keep it to be discounted as soon as the device can be network unlocked.

How long does it take?


The result is almost instant! In less than an hour you will receive the complete result to the email address indicated when placing the order.

Do I receive any guarantee?


The result comes directly from the carrier’s databases, therefore, the accuracy of the information is practically guaranteed to request the network unlock.

If the device is not yet eligible to be network unlocked, we will constantly check your IMEI, at absolutely no extra cost for you, and when the financial eligibility date is met, we will let you know and you can discount the price of this check from the network unlock service.


If you have any further doubt, contact us via chat or send us an email so that we could help you.