How can I unlock my iPhone with the UMS 2.0 card? (VIDEO)

IMPORTANT! It is no longer possible to purchase the UnlockMySIM Card as it may not work at the current time due to an internal update beyond doctorSIM’s control.

The UnlockMySIM (UMS) 2.0 card is a SIM card that will unlock your iPhone quickly and easily, allowing you to use your iPhone on the network of your choice.

All you need to do is insert the UMS 2.0 together with a code we'll send you to unlock your device. You can also update the iOS software without the iPhone re-locking.

Check out the short video tutorial below to see how easy it is to unlock your iPhone with the UMS 2.0 card:



You can purchase the UMS 2.0 card in the doctorSIM Shop.

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