Is unlocking my iPhone using the UnlockMySIM card permanent?

With UnlockMySIM the unlocking is done by reconfiguring your iPhone settings. This unlocking is permanent as long as no changes are made to your iPhone’s operating system.


We can guarantee the unlocking, and therefore the correct functioning of your iPhone with any network carrier, as long as iOS is not updated and the iPhone is not reset to factory settings after it has been unlocked.


In the event that a reset or iOS update locks your iPhone again, you can unlock it as many times as you want using the same UnlockMySIM card. Just follow the steps in the step-by-step guide. However, make sure that your iOS version is still compatible with the UnlockMySIM requirements before performing the unlocking.


You can ask us if UnlockMySIM is still compatible with your device before upgrading your iPhone operating system or resetting it. Don’t hesitate to do so, we’re here to help!


UnlockMySIM is built to work on iPhone devices with the original operating system. If your iPhone is jailbroken, we recommend restoring the device to factory settings before using your unlock card.


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