Can I use UnlockMySIM with operators using the CDMA network?

The CDMA network is a technology used by some network carriers such as US Cellular in the United States or KDDI in Japan. More and more companies (like Sprint in the United States after its merger with T-Mobile) are changing this type of network for others more widespread worldwide: GSM connection and, the most present one worldwide, LTE.


Can I use my unlocked iPhone with UnlockMySIM with a CDMA network?

If your carrier's network uses a CDMA network and you’ve unlocked your iPhone with the UnlockMySIM card, you can use it as long as it is NOT on this list:

  • Model A1778, and A1784.
  • Model A1905, and A1897.
  • Model A1901.


How to know the exact model of your iPhone?

It is very easy.

Follow the path: Settings > General > About

Check your iPhone model in the Model Number section.


Once I’ve unlocked my iPhone with UnlockMySIM, can I use it with a GSM or LTE network?

Of course you can. As long as your iPhone has iOS version 14.2 up to 15.4.1 you can use any model, once you’ve unlocked it with UnlockMySIM, with any GSM or LTE network.


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