Steps to unlock your iPhone with your doctorSIM UMS - iPhone Xs Max o Xr

If you have an iPhone XS Max o XR please place your SIM together with the UMS as we indicate you in the steps below.


The red lines indicate where you should FOLD your UMS.



You can check the details in this video:


Option 1 : Please wait a few seconds until the ICC menu opens automatically. Below is how the menu will appear on your screen:


Select the Edit ICCID option and, if applicable, delete the current ICCID number and type the the next one:



If the menu indicated in the previous point is not shown as such, perform option 2.


Option 2: If the ICCID editing menu does not appear as we indicated in the previous point, follow the next steps:

  • Access the dialpad.
  • Press the asterisk (*) key.
  • Press the call button: it is normal that it shows the message "Error performing request. Unknown Error".
  • Press Dismiss and wait a few seconds until a pop-up screen displays with the message "GF SIM 2020".
  • Enter the ICCID that we indicate below.



Finally restart your iPhone.


For the unlock works the UMS must be placed together with the SIM at all times. If when restarting your iPhone it continues showing the message "Invalid SIM card", repeat the previous steps but modifying the ICCID by the one indicated below: 89014103270421600446.