How to check if your LG prompts for the unlock code

Check your LG prompts for the unlock code following the steps below:

1 - Dial the following sequence on your phone’s keypad as if you were going to make a call:

2945#*model number of your LG#

To find out the model number of your LG:

  • Settings - About Phone - Model
  • On the sticker under the battery

For example: If you have an LG 610 type 2945#*610#

2 - The sequence typed will provide access to a hidden unlocking submenu with the following sections:

  • Network Lock
  • Service Provider Lock
  • Network Subset Lock
  • Corporate Lock
  • SIM Lock

3 - Check your phone prompts for the unlock code correctly under Network Lock or Service Provider Lock. If it does, you can submit your unlocking request.