Terms and Conditions - UnlockMySIM

The Legal Notice and Terms of Use described below detail the characteristics of the services provided by doctorSIM to its customers through the www.shop.doctorSIM.com website. These conditions must be accepted along with doctorSIM’s General Terms & Conditions and as such do not replace or nullify those conditions, but instead complement them.

doctorSIM recommends reading the Legal Notice and Terms of Use carefully prior to purchasing any of the services.


Services will only be processed after payment has been made. Once payment has been completed, the customer will receive a confirmation message at the e-mail address indicated on the request form.

doctorSIM reserves the right to refuse to process a request at any time if there is any suspicion of illegal or fraudulent activities involved.

Processing and delivery times; average and guaranteed.

doctorSIM informs customers of the average and guaranteed delivery times depending on the service requested.

The average delivery time specifies the average time it took to deliver the previous requests of the selected service and does not guarantee delivery within that period. The guaranteed delivery time is the maximum delivery time of the chosen service.

The average and guaranteed delivery times vary between a few minutes to up to 20 business days (weekends and public holidays are not taken into account). Both times are displayed on the screen alongside the price once the customer has completed the online form with the information on their phone and selected the appropriate service.

doctorSIM will not be held responsible for delays caused by external suppliers but will make every effort to deliver the service with the utmost diligence and in the shortest time possible.

doctorSIM will issue a full refund if the guaranteed delivery time is exceeded. The customer must request the refund by sending an e-mail to info@doctorsim.com taking into account general delays due to circumstances beyond doctorSIM’s control.

Delivery times with a guaranteed delivery time of greater than 24 business hours will start the first business day after the request has been submitted.

Business hours and delays

The business hours to which the delivery times refer are between 10 am and 10 pm (GMT +1, GMT +2 during summer time), from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Occasionally, a service may be delayed due to circumstances beyond doctorSIM's control. This means the service will not be completed within the guaranteed delivery time.

In these situations, doctorSIM will send the customer an e-mail with information on the delay, a new delivery time and be given 24 hours from receipt of the e-mail to cancel the request if they no longer wish to continue waiting.

If a reply from the customer is not received within 24 hours, doctorSIM will reprocess the request automatically with the intention of completing the request as soon as possible within the new time frame. The request cannot be canceled once reprocessed.

If the delay means there is no definite delivery date, doctorSIM will inform the customer giving them the option to cancel the request and receive a full refund. If the customer prefers to wait, doctorSIM will inform them of the new delivery date as soon as it becomes available.

Canceling the request

As per article 103 of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November of the amended Consumers and Users Protection Act, you have the right to cancel your request within 14 days, for any reason and with no justification, provided the request has not been processed or fully completed.

If you place an order for a UMS but wish to cancel it for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible by replying to the confirmation email we sent you.

Keep in mind that we can only cancel your order and refund your money if we receive your e-mail prior to shipping your package to you.

Prices and payment methods

The prices for the services offered will be duly indicated on the website and displayed in the currency selected by the customer and may vary depending on the currency chosen.

Prices and offers may vary based on doctorSIM’s discretion and are only guaranteed when the request has been confirmed.

doctorSIM supports several payment methods depending on the country/region and the preferred currency:

  • Credit card (Visa and Mastercard)
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin BTC; Bitcoin Cash BCH; Ethereum ETH; Litecoin LTC)

Online credit card payments are performed over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which encodes and encrypts your credit card details.

When using PayPal, at the time of choosing this payment method registered customers can select the option of creating a payment agreement between PayPal and doctorSIM, by ticking the "Remember my PayPal details for future purchases" box.

During the validation and authentication process, while paying with PayPal, the user must confirm the agreement in order to take advantage of this functionality during subsequent purchases. Registered customers who have confirmed their acceptance of the agreement between PayPal and doctorSIM, can make future purchases without having to enter their PayPal login details.

The payment agreement between PayPal and doctorSIM, has a duration of 365 days from the date of the first purchase, but can be cancelled at any time by logging into your PayPal account, clicking on ‘Profile’ near the top of the page, selecting ‘My money’ and then clicking update in the "My pre-approved payments" section.

For safety reasons, and to avoid possible bank fraud, doctorSIM may request additional documentation to process a request if deemed appropriate and only for the purpose of guaranteeing the customer’s security.

doctorSIM Credits

doctorSIM offers customers a loyalty program in the form of doctorSIM "Credits".
Customers will be able to receive "Credits" upon signing up, placing a request, recommending services, and taking part in contests and promotions held by doctorSIM:

The program conditions are as follows:

  • "Credits" are to be redeemed upon purchasing services from doctorSIM.
  • Each "Credit" is equivalent to 1 euro or the corresponding exchange value in other currencies.
  • "Credits" may only be used to purchase services offered by doctorSIM.
  • Purchases of doctorSIM services that are paid for partially or totally with "Credits" will not issue additional "Credits".
  • "Credits" have a validity of three months after the date of issue.
  • "Credits" that originate from refunds, also known as "Refund Credits", WILL NOT EXPIRE

doctorSIM withholds the right to single-handedly cancel any requests deemed to be using "Credits" without respecting the program's conditions, and not return the available credits to the user's account.

Special Conditions - UnlockMySIM

The Special Conditions described below detail the characteristics of the UnlockMySIM for iPhone and other mobile devices provided by doctorSIM to its customers through the www.doctorSIM.com and shop.doctorSIM.com websites. These conditions must be accepted along with doctorSIM's General Terms & Conditions and as such do not replace or nullify those conditions, but instead complement them.

The UnlockMySIM offered by doctorSIM allows customers to use their iPhone on any compatible network in the world.

Shipment is via DHL's Premium shipping service and the shipping costs vary depending on the destination.

Refunds - UnlockMySIM

(i.) doctorSIM is fully committed to meeting the delivery times of the UnlockMySIM and guarantees that, on the contrary, will do everything in its power to reduce the delay as much as possible.

(ii.) doctorSIM does not guarantee the UMS will work properly on future iOS software versions.

(iii.) doctorSIM will not issue a refund if the UnlockMySIM doesn't work or is not valid due to issues beyond doctorSIM's control, such as but not limited to:

  • a.) The iPhone is damaged or has been altered in any way.
  • b.) Errors submitting the request (model, country, network provider or service).
  • c.) Phones blacklisted/blocked due to loss, theft or unpaid bill.
  • d.) Phones blocked by iCloud or Find my Phone passwords.
  • e.) Using illegal payment methods or claiming the payment method used was stolen from them. We recommend that you contact your local police department to report the incident. doctorSIM may file a complaint or provide information to the relevant authorities if a fraudulent use of its UnlockMySIM is detected.

(iv.) doctorSIM will not issue refunds if the UnlockMySIM successfully unlocks the iPhone but:

  • a.) The customer doesn't want to use the UnlockMySIM with their iPhone once it is in their possession.
  • b.) The customer declares they are not responsible for requesting the UnlockMySIM. doctorSIM will not be held responsible for a possible error on behalf of the customer for presumably requesting a service they do not want. The customer must either accept the stiker or contact the local police to file a complaint about the inappropriate use of their bank account or payment method used by a third-party individual or individuals.

(v.) The customer agrees to understand and accept these special conditions and the following stipulation regarding the UnlockMySIM:

  • a.) Inform doctorSIM if the service received is different to that requested. Accept the change for the correct and requested service, even if the service received in error is of greater value. doctorSIM will exchange the service for the correct service if the error was their fault and with maximum urgency if the incorrect service was of lesser value than the one requested.

doctorSIM will issue refunds either to the credit card, bank or PayPal account used for the purchase or as doctorSIM 'Credits'. Depending on the user's bank situation, refunds may take between 48 hours and 7 business days to be credited.

Refunds in credit will grant the user "Credits" that can be used for future purchases at doctorSIM, thus avoiding transfer and banking fees. Credits granted as a refund do not have an expiration date.

Bank transfer refunds may only be made to accounts held at institutions from Spain or Mexico. doctorSIM will not issue international transfers since this payment method is only available in these two countries. If the customer wishes and accepts the transfer fees, an account from a different country may be selected; however, doctorSIM will only be able to transfer the funds to an account in Spain or Mexico. doctorSIM recommends selecting a different payment method for international transactions: credit card, PayPal, by cash in local stores.


– Once you are using UnlockMySIM with your current network, it will continue to work without incident even if the software is modified as long as you do not update to a new iOS version or replace the SIM card.

– If you ever update the iOS software to the latest version and your iPhone stops working, you will need to set up the UMS card again using the latest ICCID number.

– In the case of apple, some models are restricted from using CDMA networks. These models include: A1778 y A1784 (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus), A1905 y A1897 (iPhone 8 and 8 Plus) y A1901 (iPhone X). If you unlock these phones (either via IMEI or UnlockMySIM) you won't be able to use them on CDMA networks such as Sprint or Verizon

- The UnlockMySIM cannot disable the iCloud Activation Lock on an iPhone. It will only work if the iCloud Lock has been disabled previously. If you do not know the iCloud password, you will need to contact the original owner of the iPhone, or if that is not possible, get in touch with Apple directly.

- This product cannot remove an iPhone’s from the blacklist if it has been reported due to loss, theft or unpaid bill. If your phone has been blacklisted, you probably won't get a signal with the network that reported it or with any other network from that country. Functionality with other networks or in other countries, however, will most probably be unaffected.

- Please note that you will only be able to use the UnlockMySIM if the iPhone has been activated previously on the original network.


The UnlockMySIM has a one-year guarantee which includes:

- A replacement for a defective UMS as long as it is not due to misuse or normal wear-and-tear. We will require video proof of the malfunction during the first six months or that you return the product to us after the sixth month but not exceeding a year after the UMS was received.

- A full refund for the amount paid once the product has been returned to doctorSIM and we have been able to verify that the malfunction is not due to misuse or poor handling.

- A refund for any reason as long as the UMS is returned to doctorSIM. In these cases, we will refund the amount paid for the product but not the shipping costs.


doctorSIM merely acts as an intermediary between a number of specialized providers and the customer. doctorSIM works with many providers including, but not limited to, International Telephony Associations, mobile and fixed network providers, mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), phone manufacturers and other local and worldwide organizations. doctorSIM is not held responsible for the methods or procedures used by our suppliers. Customers are forewarned of this, and we ask that you do not request the service if you are in disagreement.

doctorSIM will not be held liable for the legal consequences with third parties which may result from using our services (included within these third parties, but not limited to, are customer breaches of fixed-term contracts signed with phone manufacturers and network providers, owner non-compliance if selling the device to a physical or legal entity, and vice versa).

In compliance with Article 11 and 22.2 of the Organic Law on Data Protection 15/1999, doctorSIM may pass information onto members of the police including, but not limited to: IMEI number, e-mail, and IP address from which the request originated. This information will be stored in specific files for further use in order to help dissuade criminal offenses such as theft or the fraudulent use of a credit card.

The customer, by accepting these Terms of Use, agrees not to hold doctorSIM liable as a result of how the services are obtained by our providers.