What is doctorSIM BuyBack

BuyBack is a new doctorSIM service focused on giving your aging devices a second life by selling them! They are worth more than you think!

BuyBack is available in US and Canada now, but will soon launch in many international locations.

How it works

1. Go to https://buyback.doctorsim.com/

2. Choose and filter the different devices and brands to find your specific phone, tablet, iPod, apple TV, air pods or other tech gadgets. There is more value in many old gadgets than you thought!

3. Select the devices' current condition. Whether it is fully functional in mint condition or has suffered extensive wear and tear, we will provide you with a price quote instantly.

4. Once selected, simply fill out your shipping address, so we can send a prepaid device specific package for you to mail your device.

We'll email you confirmation. Remember the price quote is valid for 14 days, in case you want to think about it.

5. Within 10 business days you'll receive a check at your address with the agreed amount.

Happy Second Life for your Devices and Cash in your pocket!