1. How long does it take to get paid?

Customers can plan to receive their checks within 10 business days of mailing in their device.


2. How do I get paid?

We mail you a check, most people receive their payment within a week of mailing in their devices.


3. How long is my quote good for?

Your quote is good for 14 days from when you submit it; if it isn't postmarked by then, you will receive whatever quote we were giving on the day you mailed it!


4. Are the charger or original box required to get my quote?

For most devices the charger is not required to receive your full quote, however for certain products, such as wearables, the charger is required. If anything besides the device itself is required it will be specifically mentioned in the item condition section!


5. How are you able to pay so much money for my device?

Today's electronics are very valuable and we try to maximize their value when offering you a quote. Because we refurbish everything in house we're able to keep margins low and offer you the best possible price.


6. Why is my device worth so little?

Because of the high rate at which new devices come out, it is very easy for a device to quickly become outdated. Also, many factors affect price such as brand, carrier, and many others. We try to always pay as much as possible.