UMS Setup for iPhone which does not belong to USA Network Operator

Update up to iOs 12.4

 IMPORTANT! It is no longer possible to purchase the UnlockMySIM Card as it may not work at the current time due to an internal update beyond doctorSIM’s control.

1 - Position the UMS Sticker alongside a SIM card belonging to the network carrier you wish to use your iPhone with and wait up to it shows the automatic setup menu. Select Manual via IMSI/TMSI.
     * If the automatic setup menu does not display follow this route: Settings - Mobile data - SIM Apps - Select Unlock Mode - Manual via IMSI/TMSI - input imsi.

2 - Under EDIT IMSI you will be asked for a 7-digit code. Type the IMSI of the original network carrier of your iPhone 

If your iPhone is locked to AT&T, type the IMSI for AT&T even though you are going to use the device on another network.

Click here for the list of IMSIs.

3 - Once you've typed the IMSI for the original network of your iPhone press Send.

4 - Select the TMSI 2G/3G/4G (Auto/Manual) option.

5 - Select the AUTO MODE1 option.

6 -  You will get the following message: Setup OK! Restart your iPhone now.

* If the previous steps did not work, please follow these steps with any SIM card with a factory-unlocked iPhone.



  • If hte internet connection does not work pleas click here and you can check how to do it. If you need a APN configuration for a specific network operator please check here.
  • If the data connection does not work, please connect Roaming to navigate through the 3G / 4G (LTE).