The benefits of having an individual doctorSIM account

With an individual doctorSIM account, you will have access to exclusive benefits and your own private space on the doctorSIM web page.

We will give you a free doctorSIM credit just for signing up and an additional credit for every unlocking request you make without redeeming any of your accrued credits.

Your individual doctorSIM account has the following sections:

  • My Top Ups. Have you recharged a phone using our top-up services? If so, here is where you'll find a list of all your top ups.
  • My Info. Access to your account settings, password details, and contact/billing information.
  • My Credits. Did you know that you can obtain free doctorSIM credits to put towards future purchases at doctorSIM? Learn more about doctorSIM credits.
  • My Purchases. In this section, you can download the invoices for any of your purchases and check the current status of any requests in progress.
  • My History. Details of all your account changes and updates.
  • Phone Savings. Save money on your monthly bill by choosing the ideal phone plan.
  • Broadband Savings. Get the best broadband deal by upgrading to a fast and affordable new provider.