Samsung USB Cable Guide



1 -Click here to book your appointment with our Cable Support Manager.

The reason for booking an appointment with Mike is to reserve a slot exclusively for you, so he can attend to your needs and answer any questions you may have.

IMPORTANT! Make sure that the timezone shown at the time of booking is the time of the location where you are.

Try to be punctual for your appointment so that the unlocking is quick and we can attend all the appointments we have, we will appreciate it very much =)



2 - Contact our technical service via WhatsApp, they will assist you with any questions or queries and will carry out the process with you.

Click here to contact them directly.

To complete the unlocking it is important that the conversation with the technician in this way is carried out from a phone other than the one you want to unlock since while some processes are being carried out, it cannot be touched so we make sure that at no time do you lose connection with the technician.


22831.png 3 - These are the programs you need to download and install on your computer to network unlock your Samsung. To save time, we recommend downloading and installing these programs before your appointment with our Cable Support Manager. Downloading the programs is very straightforward


Follow the steps below on your computer (with Windows 7 or higher).

Click here to download (and install) the software programs.

You'll find one program (number 5): Vclient-VServer. Please create one direct access on your PC desktop.

During the unlocking process keep your Windows firewall and any anti-virus you may have installed deactivated. Do not worry, it is a safe process.

In this video you can see step by step how to complete the download of each of the programs and their installation.


samsung-i8000-samsung-galaxy-logo-samsung-electronics-png-favpng-rjtbtNCxZ2nWCZ4MtESCfCx1t.jpg 5 - You will only need to follow the steps below with your Samsung.  The process is extremely easy.


Follow the steps below on your Samsung.

1 - Activate the USB debugging mode on your Samsung. We'll show you how to do this below:

  - Go to Applications - Settings - About this device - Build number (press "Build number" various times until you get a "You are now a developer!" message).

 - Return to the previous page and click on "Developer Options".

 - Once you've done that, check that the "USB Debugging" mode has been activated. Also, make sure that the switch next to "Developer Options" is on green. 


2 - Type the following sequence on your phone's dial pad *#0808# and press the call button. Select the "DM + ACM + ADB" option on the submenu (it may also appear as "ADB+MODEM+DM") and press OK or Save (this will depend on the model of your Samsung).


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the unlocking process, please do not hesitate to discuss them with our unlocking expert.


Best regards,

Team doctorSIM