What does blacklisted or reported mean?

What is a blacklist report?

The original network carrier can report or place the IMEI number a phone on the blacklist if it has been lost, stolen or has bills associated to it that have not been paid. 

Can I network unlock a blacklisted phone?

Network unlocking a phone does not prevent the original network carrier from blacklisting the device.

Reporting the phone's IMEI number can be done even though the device's network has been successfully network unlocked, preventing it from working properly.

In some cases, the phone may work in another country but there is no guarantee that it will.

doctorSIM is unable to issue a refund for the network unlocking service if the phone doesn't work because it has been blacklisted by the original network carrier, as checking this information before placing an order is the sole responsibility of the owner of the phone.

How do I know if my phone has been blacklisted?

You can usually tell if a phone has been blacklisted because you will be unable to get any coverage and therefore receive or make any calls.

It may be possible to send text messages or browse the Internet but not make any calls.

Sometimes, the phone can be used with one particular network but not with others and the little use you can get out of the device will gradually decrease over time.

You can check if a phone has been blacklisted by contacting the original network carrier or by using our Blacklist Status Phone Check: