How to find out how many unlocking attempts my phone has remaining

Some phones have limited unlocking attempts.

Once these attempts have been exhausted unlocking the phone via IMEI will not be possible unless the counter is reset. This reset is not always possible for some phones.

We recommend contacting doctorSIM before exhausting unlocking attempts to find an alternative solution.

Please note that doctorSIM does not issue refunds if the phone has exhausted its unlocking attempts.


10 attempts. To find out how many you have remaining, follow the instructions below WITHOUT a SIM card inserted:
1. Turn on your BlackBerry.
2. Enter Options/Advanced Options/SIM Card.
3. To access a hidden service menu, type MEPD (use the shift key to type capital letters). Do not worry if the letters do not appear on screen as you type.
4. The following list will appear on screen:
  • SIM (Disabled)
  • Network (Enabled)
  • Network Subset (Disabled)
  • Service Provider (Disabled)
  • Corporate (Disabled)
5. Type MEP2 and the number of unlocking attempts remaining will be displayed.
Models 2720 fold, 2630, 2680: 5 attempts. All other models: 3 attempts.
You can reset the counter for some models by following this tutorial. Check that you can reset the unlocking attempts of your particular Nokia model because this process doesn’t work for the C1 and C2 series.
Samsung phones have a maximum number of unlocking attempts (ranging between 3 and 5 depending on the model) and when these attempts are exhausted, the phone will Freeze and will not accept the unlock code even if it is valid.
A separate code known as a Defreeze Code is required to reset the unlock attempts counter. doctorSIM provides this code along with your unlock code and instructions. If the Phone Freeze message appears on your phone, just type the 8-digit Defreeze Code. The message will disappear and your Samsung will once again prompt for the network unlock code.
Sony Ericsson
Turn on your Sony Ericsson without a SIM card inserted.
  1. Press the Home button once.
  2. Press the Back button twice.
  3. Press the Home button once.
  4. Press the Back button once.
  5. Press the Home button twice.
  6. Press the Back button once.
In summary, the sequence is as follows: 1-2-1-1-2-1. It doesn’t matter if nothing appears on the screen.
You have now accessed the service menu:
  • [x] network 5
  • [x] network subnet 5
  • [x] service provider 5
  • [x] sim 5
Send us the number on the first line next to the word Network. That is the number of unlocking attempts your phone has remaining. If you see a 0, you will not be able to unlock your Sony Ericsson even if the unlock code provided is valid. This is why we recommend performing this check before making your request.

Sony Xperia

1. Turn on the phone with a SIM card inserted (this is important, because without a SIM card you may be told you have unlocking attempts remaining when in fact you do not).

2. Type the following: *#*#7378423#*#*

3. Select Service Info/Sim Lock. Look on the first line (Network).

4. If there is an X and a number that is not 0, you can unlock your Sony.

5. If instead, you see a 0, you will not be able to unlock your phone.


Below are five different ways to access your LG's hidden menu and check how many attempts remain to unlock it.

1. Type 2945#*model# without a SIM card inserted or with the SIM card of the network provider to which the phone is locked. You can find the model of your device on the sticker under the battery or under Settings.

For example: If you have an LG 714 type 2945#*714#

  • Check which section has the lock activated (set to Active) and verify how many attempts (out of 10) remain:

    • Network Lock
    • Service Provider Lock

2. Type 2945#*71001# on your phone and check how many attempts your LG displays when it prompts for the unlock code.

3. Insert a SIM card from a network provider different to the one the phone is locked to and check how many attempts remain when it prompts for the network unlock code.

4. Install the 'LauncherPro' application from Google Play:

  • Once installed, press your LG’s Home and Start buttons and then select ‘LauncherPro’ on the window that appears.
  • Now, press any empty space on the home screen and don’t let go until a new window opens. Select Direct Access.
  • Press 'Activities' and then wait for a few seconds.
  • Scroll down the list of options and select 'com.lge.hiddenpersomenu'.
  • Type the name the system prompts you for to gain direct access.
  • To access the hidden menu, press the direct access you’ve just created.
  • Select ‘Network Lock’ and verify how many attempts your LG shows.

5. Go to Settings->Security->Sim card lock. When the phone prompts for the unlock code, verify the number of attempts.



Some Huawei devices have a limited number of unlocking attempts.

If this is the case with your phone, the number of unlocking attempts remaining will appear on the screen prior to typing the network unlock code.

Type the code carefully as you will not be able to unlock your Huawei by IMEI if you run out of unlocking attempts. If the unlock code provided by doctorSIM doesn't work, please contact us before retyping it.