How to find out how many unlocking attempts my phone has remaining

Certain brands have a limited number of unlocking attempts available.

It's essential that you check if you have any unlocking attempts left because a valid unlock code won't work if there are no attempts available.

If the unlocking is unsuccessful due to this reason, the payment made won't be refunded as it's the customer's responsibility to perform these checks.


How to check if a device has available unlocking attempts

10 attempts. The device allows checking available attempts:

 1.  Turn on the phone without a SIM card.

2.  Go to Options / Advanced Options / SIM card

3.  Press MEPD (nothing appears on the screen)

4.  A hidden menu should appear: SIM, Network, Subset, Service Provider, Corporate.

5.  Type MEP2 and you'll see the number of available attempts.

In newer BlackBerry models, the attempts will be displayed directly on the screen when inserting a SIM from a different carrier than the original.



Models 2720 fold, 2630, 2680: 5 attempts. All other models: 3 attempts

The latest models from the brand allow resetting the counter using a tutorial included in the unlocking instructions.

The latest Nokia models, the Nokia Lumia, have 10 unlocking attempts, but their counter cannot be reset. Additionally, if the phone displays "Insert PUK" when entering the unlock code, it means the attempts have been exhausted.



Instructions come with the PhoneFreeze unlock code.


Sony  Ericsson    

Sony devices have 10 unlocking attempts. Remember, if they're exhausted, we won't be able to unlock it for you. You can check as follows:

Option A:
1. Press the MENU key once
2. Press the BACK key twice
3. Press the MENU key once
4. Press the BACK key once
5. Press the MENU key twice
6. Press the BACK key once
(summary of the sequence: 1-2-1-1-2-1)
Once in the service menu, check the number next to the text on the first line "Network"
This is the remaining number of available attempts.

Option B:
If the above sequence doesn't work, do the following:
1. Turn on your phone with a SIM card inserted (VERY IMPORTANT)
2. Dial the sequence *#*#7378423#*#*
3. Select Service Info and then SimLock, one of these two options will appear:
[X] Network 10
[0] Network 10
4. If it has an X or 0 followed by a value other than 0, you can unlock your device.
5. If it has a 0 (to the right of the word Network), you won't be able to unlock it.



Some Huawei devices have limited unlocking attempts.

If that's your case, the remaining attempts will be displayed on the screen before entering the unlock code.

Don't exhaust them, as in that case, you won't be able to unlock your device via IMEI. If the code provided by doctorSIM gives you an error, contact us before entering it again.