How do I uninstall jailbreak on an iPhone?

Uninstalling jailbreak on your iPhone is simple and will make the process of unlocking your iPhone with doctorSIM much easier.

Follow these steps:

NOTE: This process will delete all the data on your iPhone. We recommend doing a back up prior to starting the process.

- Turn off your iPhone by pressing the button at the top and then sliding the bar across the screen to power off.

- Insert a SIM card from a different network provider into your iPhone (preferably one that doesn't require a PIN).

- Hold down the Home bottom (round button at the bottom of the iPhone) and connect the iPhone to your computer.

- Wait until iTunes recognises the iPhone in restore mode. Keep holding down the Home button.

- Restore your iPhone to the latest software version.

As you can see, removing the jailbreak on your iPhone is very easy and you can now unlock your iPhone with doctorSIM without any problems!

Occasionally, it may be necessary to reinstall the jailbreak if you have an iPhone 3GS because Apple may decide to block the iPhone. Reinstalling the jailbreak solves this issue.

doctorSIM will not be held responsible for any issues resulting from unlocking a jailbroken iPhone.