Terms of Service - doctorSIM Unlocking

Definition of Mobile Phone Unlocking Service and Other Mobile Devices

The Mobile Phone Unlocking Service and other mobile devices are offered by doctorSIM to its customers as an intermediary between a series of specialized providers and the end customer.

Orders and payments will be processed through the website www.doctorsim.com, and doctorSIM will subsequently communicate with the customer via email to deliver the unlocking code and/or instructions for the selected devices.


Checks and Requirements for Mobile Phone Unlocking Service and Other Mobile Devices

doctorSIM requires its customers to perform the following checks before placing an unlocking order and to consult the customer service at info@doctorsim.com for any questions:

  • Verify the original network operator of the phone. The customer should choose this operator to request the service and should never select the destination operator.

  • Verify that the maximum unlock attempts for the device have not been exceeded. No refunds will be possible if attempting to unlock a phone that has no attempts left to apply the unlocking code.

  • Verify that the IMEI of the device is not blocked due to loss, theft, or non-payment. In this case, unlocking the device will be possible, but it cannot be used until the original operator's block is removed. doctorSIM will not issue refunds for payment in situations of IMEI blocking or reporting.

  • Verify that the phone has not been previously unlocked. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the requested service is necessary. In this case, no payment refund will be processed.

  • Verify that the phone requests the unlocking code.

  • Verify that the device has not had its software modified. Correct operation will only be guaranteed with the original manufacturer and operator software.

  • Verify that Apple devices are not locked with the manufacturer's ID and password (iCloud) or the "Find my iPhone" security option. In this case, unlocking the device and refunds will not be possible. If the customer cannot remember their credentials, it is recommended to contact the point of sale.

  • Verify knowledge of any personal PIN or security password, such as PUK, PIN, Vodafone Protect, or security patterns. Unlocking will not be possible in case of not knowing them, and no refunds will be issued as it is an incident the customer's responsibility.

  • In some cases, as duly indicated to the customer, they must insert a SIM card from a different operator than the one associated with the device to complete the unlocking by IMEI.
  • In other cases, such as unlocking an iPhone, it will be necessary to connect the phone to the iTunes program to carry out the unlocking process.


Returns for Mobile Phone Unlocking Service and Other Mobile Devices

(i) doctorSIM will refund the payment for the service provided or, failing that, offer the customer this refund along with the possibility of obtaining it in the form of doctorSIM credits in the following cases:

a) The unlocking code does not exist

If there is no unlocking code associated with the unlocking request, provided it is not a case exposed in the points of section ii. Subsections "a", "b", "c", "d", detailed below.

b) The unlocking code or instructions are incorrect

If during the unlocking process the device indicates that the code is incorrect, the customer must send an uninterrupted demonstration video showing the IMEI (by dialing *#06#) and how to enter the code. The image must be clear to distinguish the keys and texts on the screen and must show the complete device at all times. If an error is detected when entering the code in the video, doctorSIM will contact the customer by email detailing the solution to the problem. Otherwise, if it is a real error in the code or instructions, doctorSIM undertakes to refund the payment provided that the error is not due to the cases exposed below.

(ii) doctorSIM will not issue refunds in cases where the device is not unlocked correctly due to reasons beyond doctorSIM's control, including but not limited to:

a) IMEI Blocked due to loss, theft, or non-payment

doctorSIM may unlock the device, but not remove the IMEI block imposed by the operator in cases of loss, theft, or non-payment. In these cases, the device with a blocked IMEI cannot be connected to any network to make calls despite being correctly unlocked. Before requesting the unlocking of a device, check that the IMEI is not blocked. doctorSIM will not refund a correct unlocking that does not allow the phone to be used due to problems related to the IMEI block of the device. Likewise, doctorSIM declares that it will not provide services related to the modification of the IMEI.

b) Attempts Counter exhausted

If the device cannot be unlocked by IMEI because it has a counter limiting the number of attempts and this counter is exhausted.

c) The device was previously unlocked

doctorSIM cannot check which phones were previously unlocked before the orders received. It is the customer's responsibility to verify if it is already unlocked so that the contracted service has the desired utility.

d) Errors in the order

If the following data entered by the customer when placing the order is incorrect: IMEI number, serial number, brand, model or operator of the device, contact email address, and unlocking service (Device Unlock, Premium, Worldwide, etc.).

e) Software and/or hardware alterations

Any modification of the original software or hardware of the device that interferes with the correct operation and application of the code and instructions provided by doctorSIM.

doctorSIM will process refunds to the credit card, bank account, or PayPal used for the purchase or will refund doctorSIM credits if that is the option chosen by the customer. These will be processed within 48 to 72 business hours, depending on the user's bank.

Returns in Credits ("Credit Refunds") will allow the customer to accumulate "Credits" for other purchases on doctorSIM without incurring bank charges or commissions. "Credit Refunds" do not expire.

The destination account for transfers or deposits must be located in Spain or Mexico. doctorSIM will not make international transfers, since the origin of the amount in this form of payment must be from an entity of the same origin. If the customer decides, they can choose an account from another country and assume international fees, but the refund from doctorSIM will be to an account in Spain or Mexico. doctorSIM recommends choosing another form of payment for international transactions: credit card, PayPal, DineroMail, etc.

f) Unlocking requested from another provider

We do not issue refunds if unlocking has been requested in parallel from the original operator or another unlocking company. The reason is that requests may overlap without it being possible to verify which request unlocked the device.


Minimum Price Guarantee

doctorSIM will refund the difference in credits to the customer if they find another website offering the unlocking by IMEI of the same device cheaper within 24 hours of their purchase. Several comparisons will not be accepted in the same claim of the same order, and a single customer may claim two different orders provided that seven days have elapsed between them.

The refund will be calculated based on the final purchase price including all expenses and commissions added during the purchase process.



  • You made the full payment for the unlocking service through www.doctorsim.com, without deducting credits or other promotional elements.

  • The price on the alternative website does not enjoy any bonus, discount, or punctual reduction for any reason.

  • Any retail customer must be able to access the unlocking service at that price; it cannot be an exclusive offer.

The page where a cheaper price is found must meet the following conditions:

  • It must be backed by a registered and active company in the Mercantile Registry.

  • It must comply with all tax and legal obligations in accordance with current regulations (including, but not limited to, Privacy Policy, LOPD, presentation and payment of Value Added Tax)

  • It must issue an invoice for each unlocking requested through its website.

  • It must offer comparable services in terms of customer service, telephone support, payment methods, deadlines, format, and content of instructions provided.

  • The page cannot show signs of being outdated.

  • This guarantee will not apply to comparisons with prices from an operator's own prices, a wholesaler, cable unlockers, or street-level stores.

  • Requests for "minimum price guarantee" must be made within 24 hours following the time of your online purchase on the website www.doctorsim.com.

To request a refund in credits, you must send an email to info@doctorsim.com including the name of the website where the product is cheaper, a screenshot of the offer (including the date and time it was seen), the name and VAT number of the company responsible for the page, and the order reference on www.doctorsim.com.

Once the details are reviewed, the customer will receive a response via email. Upon acceptance of the refund request, credits (1 credit = 1 Euro) will be deposited into the user account hosted on www.doctorsim.com



In the IMEI unlocking service, doctorSIM acts merely as an intermediary between the code providers and the customer. doctorSIM is not responsible for the procedures or methods used by the code providers to obtain them. It warns the customer in advance, and demands that if they disagree, they do not accept these specific conditions and therefore do not request the service.

doctorSIM will not be responsible for any legal consequences that may arise as a result of the mobile device unlocking in relation to third parties (including within these third parties, merely by way of example, breaches by the customer in relation to agreements of permanence that they may have subscribed to with mobile operators and device manufacturers).

In compliance with article 11 and 22.2 of the LOPD 15/1999, doctorSIM may provide information from the order to members of the Judicial Police including, without limitation: IMEI of the phone, email address, and IP address from which the order originated. This information will be stored in specific files for later processing in order to suppress criminal offenses such as theft or fraudulent use of a credit card.

By accepting these Specific Conditions, the customer agrees to exempt doctorSIM from any liability arising from the obtaining of device unlocking codes.