Unlocking a phone that has been reported or blacklisted

Do you suspect that your phone might be on the blacklist because it's a stolen, lost or unpaid phone? This lock prevents the phone from being used normally, even if the phone is unlocked.

Most of the time, it allows browsing the Internet and sending SMS, but not making calls.

That is, even if you have unlocked your mobile, if it is on the blacklist, you will not be able to use the phone normally until it has been removed from the blacklist.

And, in order to remove it from the blacklist, it is essential that the original owner of the phone resolves any outstanding payments or the theft/loss situation with the company that locked the phone. Neither doctorSIM nor any other company can remove a phone from the blacklist, as it is illegal for a third party (other than the original phone owner and the company that blacklisted it) to do so.

doctorSIM will not make refunds on orders of blacklisted phones.

A blacklisted phone cannot be used in its country of origin even if the unlocking service is valid, and this limitation is the responsibility of the mobile phone owner and the company that blacklisted the phone.

You can check if your phone is currently blacklisted with our Free IMEI Check. It's important to request this check before requesting the unlock if you have doubts about whether your phone is blacklisted.