How do I redeem my doctorSIM credits?

If you accumulate enough credits, you can get your unlock completely free, but you can also partially redeem them to get a significant discount on any purchase you make on doctorSIM. Keep in mind that, for top-ups, only 1 credit can be deducted in each purchase.

The discount is automatic, meaning: it is applied when you make your purchase without you having to do anything, as long as you have logged into doctorSIM before starting your purchase.

You will see it like this when you proceed to payment:

support images.png

 How to get credits?


Important: If you request a refund for an order and you used doctorSIM credits to pay, the credits will be returned to your doctorSIM account. However, they will never be refunded as a credit to a bank account or card, as it's a loyalty system valid only for use on the doctorSIM website.

The remaining amount paid by the customer will be refunded through the payment method used in the original order.

Credits cannot be returned under any circumstances.