How To Check How Many Unlocking Attempts Your Sony Ericsson Has Remaining

How to access your Sony Ericsson's hidden menu and check how many attempts it has remaining:

IMPORTANT: Do not retype the unlock code if you get an error message.

Turn on your Sony Ericsson without a SIM card inserted.

  1. Press the Home button once.
  2. Press the Back button twice.
  3. Press the Home button once.
  4. Press the Back button once.
  5. Press the Home button twice.
  6. Press the Back button once.

In summary, the sequence is as follows: 1-2-1-1-2-1. It doesn’t matter if nothing appears on screen. You have now accessed the service menu:

      • [x] network 5
      • [x] network subnet 5
      • [x] service provider 5
      • [x] sim 5

The number on the first line next to the word Network is the number of unlocking attempts your phone has remaining. If you see a 0, you will not be able to unlock your Sony Ericsson even if the unlock code provided is valid. This is why we recommend performing this check before making your request.