How do I connect to my new network carrier?

You don’t have to do anything once you've positioned the UnlockMySIM sticker underneath your nanoSIM. Simply turn on your phone and you will have service with the network you are currently using.

Don’t forget to manually change your APN settings for internet usage.

Normally, this process is automatic but if you are unable to connect to the Internet follow the steps below:

  1. Access Settings (cogwheel icon).
  2. Go to General -> Cellular -> and verify that Cellular Data is switched on and 3G or 4G is selected under Voice & Data.
  3. In the table below you can find the configuration details (under APN) for the majority of network providers.


País Operador APN User Password
Afghanistan AREEBA (MTN) (GPRS) blank blank
Afghanistan AREEBA (MTN) (WAP) wap  wap
Afghanistan AWCC wap awcc 1111
Afghanistan ETISALAT blank blank
Afghanistan ROSHAN Internet gprs roshan
Albania VODAFONE Twa guest guest
Albania TELEKOM internet.t blank blank
Albania EAGLE MOBILE (MMS) internet blank blank
Albania PLUS plusweb blank blank
Germany T-MOBILE ALEMANIA internet.t-mobile t-mobile tm
Germany E-PLUS eplus gprs
Germany O2 surfo2 guest guest
Germany O2 (volume-\nbased plans) internet guest guest
Germany T-MOBILE internet.t-mobile\ t-mobile tm
Germany VODAFONE vodafone vodafone
Andorra ANDORRA TELECOM internetand blank blank
Angola UNITEL guest guest
Angola MOVICEL blank blank
Anguilla FLOW (LIME) internet blank blank
Antigua & Barbuda FLOW (LIME) internet blank blank
Antigua & Barbuda DIGICEL wapant wapant
Saudi Arabia MOBILY web2 guest guest
Saudi Arabia STC guest guest
Saudi Arabia ZAIN zain blank blank
Argelia DJEZZY djezzy.mms blank blank
Argelia NEDJMA nedjmamms mms mms
Argelia MOBILIS internet internet internet
Argentina CLARO ARGENTINA blank blank
Argentina CTI ARGENTINA ctigprs blank
Argentina MOVISTAR ARGENTINA wap wap
Argentina PERSONAL ARGENTINA gprs adgj
Aruba DIGICEL waparuba wap03aruba
Aruba SETAR blank blank
Australia OPTUS (2G) internet guest guest
Australia OPTUS (3G) connect guest guest
Australia OPTUS (PREPAY) preconnect guest guest
Australia TELSTRA (2G) telstra.internet guest guest
Australia TELSTRA (3G) telstra.datapack [blank] Telstra
Australia TELSTRA (PREPAY) telstra.wap [blank] Telstra
Australia 3 (CONTRATO) 3netaccess guest guest
Australia 3 (PREPAGO) 3services guest guest
Australia VRIGIN MOBILE VirginInternet guest guest
Australia VODAFONE guest guest
Austria MOBILKOM ppp
Austria TELERING web web
Austria YESSS guest guest
Austria T-MOBILE gprsinternet blank blank
Austria ORANGE orange.web web web
Austria ORANGE (MMS) orange.mms mms mms
Azerbaijan NAR nar blank blank
Azerbaijan AZERCELL internet guest guest
Azerbaijan BAKCELL mms guest guest
Bahamas BATELCO guest guest
Bahrain BATELCO wap wap
Bangladesh BANGLALINK blweb guest guest
Bangladesh GRAMEENPHONE gpinternet [blank] [blank]
Bangladesh ROBI wap blank blank
Bangladesh AIRTEL wap blank blank
Bangladesh TELETALK gprsunl blank blank
Bangladesh CITYCELL waps waps waps
Barbados LIME internet wap wap
Belgium BASE base base
Belgium MOBISTAR mobistar mobistar
Belgium ORANGE orangeinternet guest guest
Belgium PROXIMUS guest guest
Belgium TELENET blank blank
Belgium LYCAMOBILE Imbe Plus
Belize DIGICELL blank blank
Belize SMART mms blank blank
Bermuda M3 WIRELESS blank blank
Bermuda M3 WIRELESS (MMS) blank blank
Belarus MTS mts mts
Belarus VELCOM (SIMPLE PLAN) web web
Belarus VELCOM (PLUS PLAN) plus plus
Belarus VELCOM (PRIVATE PLAN) privet privet
Belarus VELCOM (WAP PLAN) wap wap
Belarus LIFE blank blank
Bolivia VIVA blank blank
Bolivia ENTEL 4g.entel blank blank
Bolivia TIGO blank blank
Bolivia TIGO (MMS) blank blank
Bosnia & Herzegovina BH MOBILE guest guest
Bosnia & Herzegovina MTEL mtelfrend blank blank
Bosnia & Herzegovina HT ERONET blank blank
Botswana MASCOM internet.mascom guest guest
Botswana ORANGE guest guest
Botswana BE MOBILE (BTC) blank blank
Brazil CLARO BRASIL claro claro
Brazil Oi guest guest
Brazil Oi (WAP) oiwap oioioi
Brazil SERCOMTEL sercomtel sercomtel
Brazil VIVO vivo vivo
Brazil TIM blank blank
Brazil ALGAR blank blank
Brazil ALGAR (MMS) blank blank
Brazil NEXTEL blank blank
Brazil NEXTEL (MMS) blank blank
Brunei BMOBILE bmobilewap guest guest
Brunei DST COMMUNICATIONS dst.internet internet internet
Bulgaria GLOBUL BULGARIA globul blank
Bulgaria MTEL mtel mtel
Bulgaria MAX TELECOM blank blank
Bulgaria BULSATCOM blank blank
Burkina Faso TELECEL blank blank
Burkina Faso TELMOB waptelmob blank blank
Bhutan BMOBILE internet blank blank
Cape Verde CVM internet-aac blank blank
Cambodia MOBITEL 3g mobitel mobitel
Cambodia SMART smart blank blank
Cameroon MTN INTERNET guest guest
Cameroon MTN (WAP) mtnwap mtnuser mtnuser
Cameroon ORANGE orangecmgprs orange orange
Cameroon NEXTTEL n-connect nexttel blank
Canada FIDO fido fido
Canada ROGERS wapuser1 wap
Canada BELL MOBILITY blank blank
Canada CHATR chatrweb.apn blank blank
Canada ICE WIRELESS blank blank
Canada TELUS blank blank
Canada VIRGIN MOBILE blank blank
Canada VIDEOTRON media.videotron blank blank
Canada MOBILICITY blank blank
Canada MTS sp.mts blank blank
Canada SOLO MOBILE blank blank
Canada SASKTEL blank blank
Canada WIND blank blank
Canada KOODO blank blank
Canada PUBLICMOBILE blank blank
Canada PETRO-CANADA media mda01
Canada PC MOBILE blank blank
Canada EASTLINK blank blank
Canada EASTLINK (MMS) blank blank
Canada TBAYTEL blank blank
Chad TCHAD (AIRTEL) blank blank
Chile CLARO CHILE clarochile clarochile
Chile ENTEL CHILE entelpcs entelpcs
Chile MOVISTAR CHILE wap wap
Chile VTR MOVIL movilvtr movilvtr
Chile WOM internet blank blank
Chile VIRGIN MOBILE blank blank
Chile FALABELLA blank blank
Chile GTD MOVIL webgtd webgtd
Chile SIMPLE internet.simple blank blank
China CHINA MOBILE cmnet guest guest
China CHINA UNICOM [none] guest guest
Cyprus CYTAMOBILE-VODAFONE internet guest guest
Cyprus MTN (AREEBA) internet blank blank
Colombia COMCEL ba.amx blank blank
Colombia EDATEL APN Dinámica blank blank
Colombia MOVISTAR movistar movistar
Colombia TIGO blank blank
Colombia UFF blank blank
Colombia ETB etb etb
Colombia VIRGIN blank blank
Colombia AVANTEL blank blank
Colombia MOVIL ÉXITO blank blank
Congo (Republic) VODACOM vodanet vodalive [blank]
Congo (DRC) ZAIN blank blank
Congo (Republic) ZAIN blank blank
South Korea KTF blank blank
South Korea SK TELECOM blank blank
Côte d’Ivoire MTN internet guest guest
Côte d’Ivoire KOZ blank blank
Côte d’Ivoire MOOV moov web web
Côte d’Ivoire ORANGE Orangeciwap wap wap
Costa Rica ICE icecelular guest guest
Costa Rica MOVISTAR movistarcr movistarcr
Costa Rica CLARO internet.ideasclaro blank blank
Croatia HT MOBILE web.htgpr 38591 38591
Croatia VIPNET 38591 38591
Croatia VIPNET PRO 38591 38591
Croatia VIPNET 3G 38591 38591
Croatia TELE2 (WAP) blank blank
Croatia TELE2 blank blank
Cuba CUBACEL mms blank blank
Denmark 3 HUTCHISON [none] guest guest
Denmark SONOFON internet guest guest
Denmark TDC internet guest guest
Denmark TELIA guest guest
Ecuador MOVISTAR ECUADOR movistar movistar
Ecuador CLARO ba.amx blank blank
Ecuador CNT blank blank
United States AT&T wap.cingular cingular1
United States AT&T (iPhone) phone guest guest
United States ROGERS wapuser1 wap
United States T-MOBILE USA (Internet) guest guest
United States T-MOBILE USA (VPN) guest guest
United States T-MOBILE USA guest guest
United States VERIZON vzwinternet guest guest
United States VIRGIN USA VirginInternet guest guest
United States METRO PCS (see notes) guest guest
United States SPRINT (see notes) guest guest
United States CINCINNATI BELL blank blank
United States CINGULAR wp.cingular cingular1
United States CRICKET WIRELESS ndo blank blank
United States iWIRELESS blank blank
United States TRACFONE att.mnvo blank blank
United States STRAIGHT TALK tfdata blank blank
United States US CELLULAR internet blank blank
United States C SPIRE blank blank
United States FAMILY blank blank
United States SIMPLE simple blank blank
United States BOOST MOBILE Boost_Mobile blank blank
United States CREDO Sprint Sprint *
United States WEST CENTRAL WIRELESS blank blank
United States TING wholesale blank blank
United States AIRADIGM (AIRFIRE) blank blank
United States ALLTEL internet blank blank
United States US CELLULAR CORPORATION internet yourMSID
United States CAROLINA WEST 1 cwwcdma
United States CELLULAR ONE clearsky blank blank
United States INDIGO internet.indigo user1@indigo.internet indigo
United States GCI WIRELESS web.gci blank blank
United States BLUEGRASS internet blank blank
Egypt ETISALAT etisalat guest guest
Egypt MOBINIL mobinilweb guest guest
Egypt VODAFONE internet internet
El Salvador MOVISTAR movistarsv movistarsv
El Salvador TIGO guest guest
El Salvador CLARO wap.ideasclaro blank blank
El Salvador DIGICEL blank blank
United Arab Emirates ETISALAT
United Arab Emirates DU du blank blank
Slovakia EUROTEL internet guest guest
Slovakia GLOBTEL internet guest guest
Slovakia ORANGE internet jusernejm pasvord
Slovakia O2 o2internet blank blank
Slovenia MOBITEL internet mobitel internet
Slovenia MOBITEL (PRO) internetpro mobitel internet
Slovenia SI.MOBIL [none] guest guest
Slovenia TUSMOBIL tusmobil internet
Spain EROSKI wap@wap wap125
Spain HAPPY MOVIL internettph blank blank
Spain JAZZTEL jazzinternet guest guest
Spain LEBARA blank blank
Spain MASMOVIL internetmas blank blank
Spain MOVISTAR ESPAÑA movistar movistar
Spain ONO blank blank
Spain ORANGE ESPAÑA internet orange orange
Spain PEPEPHONE blank blank
Spain R blank blank
Spain SIMYO blank blank
Spain TELECABLE telecable telecable
Spain TUENTI tuenti tuenti
Spain VODAFONE ESPAÑA vodafone vodafone
Spain YOIGO internet guest guest
Estonia EMT guest guest
Estonia ELISA internet blank blank
Estonia TELE2 wap wap
Philippines GLOBE (WEB) globe globe
Philippines GLOBE (WAP) globe globe
Philippines SMART GOLD internet witsductoor banonoy
Philippines SUN CELLULAR minternet guest guest
Finland DNA internet guest guest
Finland ELISA internet rlnet internet
Finland SONERA internet [blank] [blank]
Finland ALCOM internet blank blank
Fiji VODAFONE guest guest
Fiji DIGICEL blank blank
France BOUYGUES FRANCE guest guest
France ORANGE FRANCIA (Contrato) orange orange
France ORANGE FRANCIA (Business) internet-entreprise orange orange
France ORANGE FRANCIA (MIB) orange-mib mportail mib
France ORANGE FRANCIA (Mobicarte) orange-acte orange orange
France SFR FRANCIA websfr guest guest
France FREE free blank blank
France VECTONE blank blank
France VIRGIN blank blank
France NRJ (AUCHAN TELECOM) (MMS) mmsnrj blank blank
France NRJ (AUCHAN TELECOM) fnetnrj blank blank
France AFONE internet66 blank blank
France AFONE (MMS) mms66 blank blank
France SYMA blank blank
France LEGOS bornsip blank blank
France LEGOS (MMS) bornsipmms blank blank
France LIBERTIS libertis.internet blank blank
Gambia AFRICELL africellnet blank blank
Georgia GEOCELL internet guest guest
Georgia MAGTI blank blank
Georgia BEELINE blank blank
Georgia SILKNET internet blank blank
Ghana MTN internet guest guest
Ghana TIGO (WWW) web [blank]
Ghana TIGO (WAP) wap wappost
Ghana AIRTEL internet blank blank
Ghana VODAFONE browse blank blank
Ghana GLO internet blank blank
Gibraltar GIBTEL blank blank
Grenada FLOW (LIME) internet blank blank
Greece TIM web web
Greece VODAFONE\n \nor\n \ninternet guest guest
Greece COSMOTE internet\n3g-internet guest guest
Greece CYTA cytamobile blank blank
Greenland TELE internet blank blank
Guadeloupe ORANGE orangewap orange wap
Guam IT&E WIRELESS blank blank
Guatemala TIGO (internet)\ guest guest
Guatemala TIGO (WAP) Wap Wap
Guatemala CLARO internet.ideasclaro blank blank
Guatemala MOVISTAR movistargt movistargt
Haiti DIGICEL blank blank
Haiti NATCOM NATCOM blank blank
Netherlands KPN NETHERLANDS internet KPN gprs
Netherlands T-MOBILE internet tmobile tmobile
Netherlands TELFOR internet telfortnl password
Netherlands VODAFONE LIFE vodafone vodafone
Netherlands VODAFONE (Business) vodafone vodafone
Netherlands TELE2 blank blank
Netherlands BEN internet.ben blank blank
Netherlands VECTONE blank blank
Netherlands VODAFONE (ZAKELIJK) vodafone vodafone
Netherlands LYCAMOBILE lmnl plus
Netherlands ZIGGO internet blank blank
Honduras TIGO HONDURAS guest guest
Honduras CLARO internet.ideasclaro webmegatel webmegatel
Hong Kong CSL hkcsl or \ninternet guest guest
Hong Kong NEW WORLD internet guest guest
Hong Kong PEOPLES TELEPHONE internet guest guest
Hong Kong SMARTONE-VODAFONE internet guest guest
Hong Kong SUNDAY internet guest guest
Hong Kong 3 guest guest
Hong Kong PCCW (3G) pccw blank blank
Hong Kong PCCW (GPRS) pccwdata blank blank
Hungary PANNON net guest guest
Hungary PANNON (flat rate) netx guest guest
Hungary PANNON (compressed) snet guest guest
Hungary T-MOBILE (subscription) internet [supplied] [supplied]
Hungary T-MOBILE (non-sub.) internet wap Wap
Hungary T-MOBILE (MMS) mms-westel mms [supplied]
Hungary VODAFONE (Contrato) guest guest
Hungary VODAFONE (Prepago) guest guest
Hungary DIGI MOBIL DIGI blank blank
India AIRCEL blank blank
India LOOP MOBILE bplmobile blank
India RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS rcomwap blank blank
India TATA DOCOMO tata.docomo.internet blank blank
India TELENOR (UNINOR) uninor blank blank
India MTS sp.mts blank blank
India AIRTEL (GPRS) guest guest
India AIRTEL (WAP) guest guest
India BSNL celloneportal guest guest
India BSNL (Prepago) guest guest
India IDEA CELLULAR internet guest guest
India MTNL (Contrato) gprsmtnldel mtnl mtnl123
India MTNL (Prepago) gprsppsdel mtnl mtnl123
India MTNL Mumbai (Contrato) gprsmtnlmum mtnl mtnl123
India MTNL Mumbai (Prepago) gprsppsmum mtnl mtnl123
India VODAFONE (Connect) www guest guest
India VODAFONE (Live) portalnmms guest guest
Indonesia AXIS axis axis 123456
Indonesia INDOSAT\nindosatgprs guest guest
Indonesia TELKOMSEL internet\ntelkomsel wap wap123
Indonesia 3 (HUTCHISON CP) 3data 3data 3data
Indonesia SMARTFREN SmartFren smartfren smartfren
Iraq ASIACELL (ASIANET) blank blank
Iraq ZAIN internet blank blank
Iraq IRANCELL mtnirancell guest guest
Iraq MCI mcinet blank blank
Ireland O2 IRLANDA (Prepago) pp.internet gprs gprs
Ireland O2 IRLANDA (Contrato) open.internet gprs gprs
Ireland METEOR my meteor
Ireland VODAFONE (Contrato) vodafone vodafone
Ireland VODAFONE (Prepago) vodafone vodafone
Ireland AIRTEL blank blank
Ireland TESCO MOBILE tescowap password
Ireland LYCAMOBILE lmie plus
Ireland EMOBILE blank blank
Iceland SIMINN blank blank
Iceland NOVA blank blank
Iceland VODAFONE blank blank
Cayman Islands LIME ppinternet blank blank
Cayman Islands DIGICEL blank blank
Faroe Islands FOROYA TELE internet blank blank
Faroe Islands VODAFONE blank blank
Solom Islands BREEZE internet blank blank
Turks & Caicos Islands LIME internet blank blank
British Virgin Islands LIME ppinternet blank blank
British Virgin Islands CCT blank blank
British Virgin Islands DIGICEL blank blank
U.S. Virgin Islands SPRINT cinet.spcs blank blank
U.S. Virgin Islands TRACFONE att.mnvo blank blank
Israel HOT MOBILE net.hotm blank blank
Israel PELEPHONE pcl@3g pcl
Israel GOLAN TELECOM blank blank
Israel CELLCOM etecsa etecsa [blank]
Israel ORANGE orangeinternet guest guest
Italy TIM ITALIA guest guest
Italy H3G guest guest
Italy H3G (Naviga3) guest guest
Italy H3G (Prepago) guest guest
Italy VODAFONE\ guest guest
Italy VODAFONE (iPhones) guest guest
Italy WIND internet.wind\ Wind Wind
Italy NOVERCA blank blank
Italy BT ITALIA blank blank
Italy BLU INTERNET blank blank
Italy LYCAMOBILE lmit plus
Jamaica DIGICEL wapuser wap03jam
Jamaica LIME (FLOW) ppinternet blank blank
Japan SOFTBANK JAPAN vodafone ai@vodafone vodafone
Japan DOCOMO Mopera U blank
Japan KDDI (AU) au
Japan VODAFONE (SOFTBANK) smile.word dna1trop so2t3k3m2a
Jordan ORANGE wap wap
Jordan UMNIAH net blank blank
Jordan ZAIN zain blank blank
Kazakhstan BEELINE @internet.beeline [blank]
Kazakhstan KCELL internet blank blank
Kazakhstan DALACOM CDMA Dalacom Dalacom
Kazakhstan NEO internet blank blank
Kenya TELKOM (ORANGE) orange orange
Kenya AIRTEL internet internet
Kenya SAFARICOM web web
Kyrgyzstan MEGACOM internet guest guest
Kosovo IPKO ipko guest guest
Kosovo VALA vala900-int guest guest
Kuwait WATANIYA (Contrato) guest guest
Kuwait WATANIYA (MMS) n/a n/a
Kuwait ZAIN pps pps pps
Kuwait VIVA viva blank blank
Laos ETL etlnet guest guest
Laos TIGO tigolaowap guest guest
Latvia LMT [blank] [blank]
Latvia TELE2 gprs internet
Lesotho VODACOM internet blank blank
Latvia BITE wap blank blank
Latvia TRIATEL none none none
Lebanon MTC TOUCH guest guest
Lebanon ALFA mic1 mic1
Libya LIBYANA NET web blank blank
Libya AL MADAR Access point 1(this is probably\nwrong)/FONT> guest guest
Liechtenstein FL1 blank
Lithuania BITE banga bite [blank]
Lithuania OMNITEL (Contrato) guest guest
Lithuania OMNITEL (Prepago) omni omni
Lithuania TELE2 wap wap
Luxembourg TANGO internet tango tango
Luxembourg VOX MOBILE guest guest
Macau CTM ctm-mobile guest guest
Macau HUTCHISON (Internet) hutchison 1234
Macau HUTCHISON (MMS) hutchison 1234
Macau SMARTONE smartgps blank blank
Macedonia (FYROM) T-MOBILE internet internet t-mobile
Macedonia (FYROM) VIP vipoperator vipoperator vipoperator
Madagascar AIRTEL none none
Madagascar TELMA internet blank blank
Madagascar ORANGE internet blank blank
Madagascar BLUELINE blueline blank blank
Malaysia DIGI diginet guest guest
Malaysia CELCOM guest guest
Malaysia MAXIS 2G (Contrato) internet.gprs.maxis guest guest
Malaysia MAXIS 3G (Contrato) unet maxis wap
Malaysia MAXIS (Prepago) net maxis net
Malaysia MY DIGI 3gdgnet blank blank
Malaysia U MOBILE my3g blank blank
Malawi AIRTEL (ZAIN) internet blank blank
Maldives DHIMOBILE wap.dhimobile blank blank
Mali ORANGE internet internet internet
Malta MELITA (WAP) wap.melita none none
Malta MELITA (MMS) mms.melita none none
Malta GO (Contrato) gosurfing guest guest
Malta GO (Prepago) rtgsurfing guest guest
Malta VODAFONE Internet Internet Internet
Morocco INWI blank blank
Morocco IAM blank blank
Mauritius EMTEL web [mobile number] MMSC
Mexico IUSACELL MEXICO iusacellgsm iusacellgsm
Mexico MOVISTAR MEXICO movistar movistar
Mexico TELCEL MEXICO webgprs webgprs2002
Mexico CLARO (TELCEL) blank blank
Mexico NEXTEL blank blank
Mexico UNEFONE (IUSACELL) blank blank
Mexico AT&T NXTGENPHONE blank blank
Moldova MOLDCELL internet gprs gprs
Moldova ORANGE blank blank
Monaco MONACO TELECOM orange orange orange
Mongolia MOBICOM internet\nwap guest guest
Mongolia UNITEL unitel blank blank
Montenegro PROMONTE guest guest
Montenegro MONET blank blank
Montenegro M:TEL mtelmms mms 68
Mozambique MCEL\ guest guest
Mozambique VODACOM internet blank blank
Myanmar (Burma) MPT mptnet blank blank
Namibia MTC ppsinternet guest guest
Namibia LEO (TN MOBILE) internet blank blank
Nepal MERO MOBILE mero guest guest
Nepal TELECOM ntnet blank blank
Nicaragua CLARO wap.emovil wapemovil wapemovil
Nicaragua MOVISTAR\ internet\nwap internet\nwap
Niger AIRTEL WEB.NE.CELTEL.COM blank blank
Niger MOOV moov web web
Nigeria ETISALAT etisalat [blank] [blank]
Nigeria GLO (Contrato) glodirect gprs gprs
Nigeria GLO (Prepago) glogwap wap wap
Nigeria MTN\ mtn web
Nigeria ZAIN wap wap
Norway NETCOM netcom netcom
Norway TELENOR internet.public dj dj
Norway CHESS netcom chess chess
Norway VENTELO blank blank
Norway ICE.NET internet blank blank
New Zealand VODAFONE LIVE guest guest
New Zealand VODAFONE (unrestricted) internet guest guest
New Zealand VODAFONE (restricted) guest guest
New Zealand 2DEGREES internet blank blank
New Zealand SPARK NZ blank blank
New Zealand SKINNY default.mms blank blank
New Zealand ORCON blank blank
New Zealand SLINGSHOT blank blank
New Zealand BLACK+WHITE blank blank
Oman NAWRAS test test
Oman OMAN MOBILE taif taif taif
Pakistan MOBILINK GSM guest guest
Pakistan MOBILINK JAZZ guest guest
Pakistan TELENOR internet telenor telenor
Pakistan UFONE ufone.internet ufone ufone
Pakistan ZONG zongwap\nzonginternet guest guest
Pakistan +MOVIL CABLE & WIRELESS xxx xxx
Pakistan MOVISTAR movistarpa movistarpa
Pakistan WARID warid blank blank
Panama DIGICEL blank blank
Papua New Guinea DIGICEL blank blank
Papua New Guinea BMOBILE internet blank blank
Paraguay PERSONAL (NUCLEO S.A.) internet personal personal
Paraguay CLARO (WAP) ctigprs ctigprs999
Paraguay CLARO (GPRS) ctigprs ctigprs1000
Paraguay TIGO Tigo Tigo
Paraguay VOX (HOLA PARAGUAY S.A.) vox.wap vox Vox
Peru NEXTEL blank blank
Peru BITEL blank blank
Peru CLARO PERÚ tim tulibertad
Peru MOVISTAR PERÚ movistar@datos movistar
French Polynesia VINI (TIKIPHONE) internet blank blank
Poland ERA erainternet erainternet erainternet
Poland PLUS guest guest
Poland ORANGE internet internet internet
Poland PLAY internet blank blank
Poland CYFROWY POLSAT internet.cp blank blank
Portugal OPTIMUS PORTUGAL (3G/HSDPA) umts guest guest
Portugal OPTIMUS PORTUGAL (GPRS) internet guest guest
Portugal TMN PORTUGAL internet guest guest
Portugal VODAFONE guest guest
Portugal VODAFONE vodafone vodafone
Puerto Rico CLARO blank blank
Puerto Rico AT&T wap.cingular cingular1
Puerto Rico T-MOBILE blank blank
Puerto Rico SPRINT cinet.spcs blank blank
Puerto Rico TRACFONE att.mnvo blank blank
Qatar QTEL [none] guest guest
Qatar VODAFONE blank blank
United Kingdom JERSEY UK pepper abc abc
United Kingdom O2 UK (Contrato) faster web
United Kingdom O2 UK (Prepago) payandgo payandgo
United Kingdom THREE UK guest guest
United Kingdom T-MOBILE UK user pass
United Kingdom VODAFONE UK (prepago) wap wap
United Kingdom VODAFONE UK (contrato) internet web web
United Kingdom EE everywhere eesecure secure
United Kingdom ORANGE (Pay monthly) orangeinternet orange multimedia
United Kingdom ORANGE (Pay as you go) orangeinternet user pass
United Kingdom ORANGE (Just talk) orangeinternet wap wap
United Kingdom TESCO MOBILE tescowap password
United Kingdom VIRGIN MEDIA MOBILE user [space]
United Kingdom VODAFONE (Contrato) internet web web
United Kingdom VODAFONE (Prepago) wap wap
United Kingdom BT (BRITISH TELECOM) bt bt
United Kingdom MANX gprs gprs
United Kingdom ASDA MOBILE everywhere blank blank
United Kingdom TALKMOBILE wap wap
Czech Republic CESKY MOBILE (Prepago) cinternet guest guest
Czech Republic CESKY MOBILE (Contrato) internet guest guest
Czech Republic T-MOBILE guest guest
Czech Republic VODAFONE (CONTRATO) internet guest guest
Czech Republic VODAFONE (PREPAGO) ointernet guest guest
Czech Republic O2 internet blank blank
Dominican Republic ORANGE guest guest
Dominican Republic VIVA viva viva
Dominican Republic CLARO blank blank
Dominican Republic TRICOM blank blank
Réunion ORANGE orangerun orange orange
Réunion OUTREMER (ONLY TELECOM) onlywap only only
Rwanda MTN blank blank
Romania ORANGE internet guest guest
Romania ORANGE vodafone
Romania TELEKOM broadband blank blank
Romania DIGI MOBIL internet blank blank
Russia BEELINE beeline beeline
Russia MEGAFON internet guest guest
Russia MOTIV motiv [supplied]
Russia MTS\ninternet.kuban mts mts
Russia TELE2 gprs [blank]
Russia SMARTS blank blank
St. Kitts & Nevis LIME internet blank blank
American Samoa BLUE SKY 4g.bluesky blank blank
San Marino PRIMA (SMT) smt.mms "Phone number" Smt
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Trinidad & Tobago DIGICEL wap wap
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