What is UnlockMySIM and how does it work?

UnlockMySIM is an alternative unlocking service for iPhones that cannot be unlocked by IMEI.

Before purchasing your UnlockMySIM sticker, check if your iPhone can be permanently unlocked via IMEI by selecting the model of your iPhone, country, and network provider.

If your iPhone cannot be unlocked by IMEI, UnlockMySIM will allow you to use your iPhone with any compatible network in the world.

By placing the UnlockMySIM sticker on top of your nanoSIM card you will be able to use your iPhone on the network of your choice. 

This unlocking method is valid for all iPhones that use a nanoSIM and were activated or updated after October 5, 2017. A microSIM adapter is required for models prior to the iPhone 5.

We cannot guarantee that UnlockMySIM will work on iPhones that were activated or updated prior to that date but we are currently working on a solution for those cases.

Visit the doctorSIM Shop to purchase your UnlockMySIM and release your iPhone from its current network.

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