Does UnlockMySIM remove the blacklist or IMEI report?

UnlockMySIM, just like IMEI unlocking, unlocks the phone's network but does not remove blacklist, theft or loss reports.


What is the difference between network locking and IMEI blocking or reporting?

  • Network locking limits the use of the iPhone to SIM cards/chips from the network carrier it was purchased with. If you want to use it with a different network carrier and it’s locked, it will display the message: "Invalid SIM card" or "Invalid SIM". Once you have unlocked the network with UnlockMySIM, this message will disappear and you’ll be able to access all iPhone features.

  • IMEI locking (also known as report or blacklist) limits the use of the mobile network with any SIM card/chip from any network carrier, even if the network is unlocked. This blocking is applied when the cell phone owner reports it stolen or lost to the network carrier, and can also be applied by the network carrier due to non-payment. An iPhone locked by IMEI normally displays the message "No Service".

IMEI lockings are valid in the network carrier's home country but do not always extend to other countries. For example if the iPhone was purchased through AT&T in the United States and was reported, it won’t work in the United States but may work in other countries.

However, we cannot guarantee that this will always be true or that a report that isn’t valid today in one country may be in the future.

We recommend performing the following check to see if your iPhone is reported: 

Check report for loss, theft or non-payment


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