How to check how many unlocking attempts your LG has remaining

Below are five different ways to access your LG’s hidden menu and check how many attempts it has remaining:

1. Type 2945#*model# without a SIM card inserted or with the SIM card of the network provider to which the phone is locked. You can find the model of your device on the sticker under the battery or under Settings.

For example: If you have an LG 714 type 2945#*714#

  • Check which section has the lock activated (set to Active) and verify how many attempts (out of 10) remain:

    • Network Lock
    • Service Provider Lock

2. Type 2945#*71001# on your phone and check how many attempts your LG displays when it prompts for the unlock code.

3. Insert a SIM card from a network provider different to the one the phone is locked to and check how many attempts remain when it prompts for the network unlock code.

4. Install the 'LauncherPro' application from Google Play:

  • Once installed, press your LG’s Home and Start buttons and then select ‘LauncherPro’ on the window that appears.
  • Now, press any empty space on the home screen and don’t let go until a new window opens. Select Direct Access.
  • Press 'Activities' and then wait for a few seconds.
  • Scroll down the list of options and select 'com.lge.hiddenpersomenu'.
  • Type the name the system prompts you for to gain direct access.
  • To access the hidden menu, press the direct access you’ve just created.
  • Select ‘Network Lock’ and verify how many attempts your LG shows.

5. Go to Settings->Security->Sim card lock. When the phone prompts for the unlock code verify the number of attempts.

If you haven't requested IMEI unlocking yet to use your LG with any carrier in any country, you can do so here: