Device Unlock App Service - What is it?

The Device Unlock App Service unlocks Android phones locked to the T-Mobile and MetroPCS networks in the US that have the Device Unlock App pre-installed. If your phone has the Device Unlock App under the Applications icon, you can only unlock it using the Device Unlock App Service. This unlocking service unlocks the phone via server rather than by inserting an unlock code which is the traditional method.
IMPORTANT! DO NOT purchase any other unlocking service if your phone has the Device Unlock App on it. Although our Standard and Premium Services are fast and less expensive, they will NOT unlock your phone and we will be unable to issue you a refund.
The requirements for using the Device Unlock App Service are as follows:
  • The phone must be locked to either T-Mobile or MetroPCS in the US.
  • The phone has the Device Unlock App pre-installed by one of the networks in the point above.
  • You have access to the internet via 3G/4G network or WiFi.
  • The phone's IMEI number hasn't been blacklisted by the original operator (check here).
  • Neither the IMEI number nor software has been modified.


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